Entire Co-Op Accidently Gets Matching Septum Piercings

The residents reportedly all look ‘great.’

According to reports emerging last Friday, members of the Debs housing cooperative have somehow all managed to acquire the exact same septum piercing.

Although the co-op members did not get the procedure done at the same place, they all coincidently ended up with the same jewelry—a 16-gauge, surgical steel ring with two rounded balls placed at each end.

Co-op member Julie Matthews stated that, upon arriving to the house with the new piercing in place, she was surprised to find sixteen other people had the exact same cool idea she had. Matthews believes that every member of the co-op still maintains their individuality, however, as “everyone’s nose looks a little bit different so it’s almost not the same thing.”

Reports also indicated that fourteen of the sixteen house residents are “hoping their parents never find out,” while the other two “don’t even care at this point, it’s [their] body.”

While no one knows who was the first to get their nasal septum cartilage pierced, all sixteen members maintain that it was probably them.

At press time, members of the coop were seen filling out a spreadsheet indicating what color everyone was dying their hair this month in an attempt to avoid a similar miscommunication

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