Entire Week Of Flossing Not Enough For Dentist To Notice

Kowal was last seen considering whitening strips.

Briefly glancing at the teeth area man Jason Kowal had spent a good week brushing, mouthwashing, and flossing, Kowal’s longtime dentist Dr. Cooke reportedly failed to acknowledge her patient’s recent uptick in effort.

“Your brushing is fine, although you could probably brush a bit harder up around your gums,” said Dr. Cooke of the gums Kowal had brushed to the point of bleeding earlier that day to make up for months of half- hearted effort.

“As for you flossing,” noted Dr. Cooke, “that’s an area that could use a lot of work. You see all this plaque build-up here? That’s from not flossing. You should really floss a lot more—at least once per day,” said Dr. Cooke, whose patient’s last-ditch effort to floss seven days in a row reportedly flew right under her radar.

Sources also revealed that Kowal laid meek and motionless in the dentist’s chair, murmuring “uh huh,” completely yielding to Dr. Cooke’s relentless feedback.

Kowal later added, “It’s just really frustrating because I went through all the trouble of flossing every day and in between meals for the past week. I wouldn’t have done all that had I known it wasn’t going to make any difference. It doesn’t feel good to be talked down to like that. I know I’m supposed to floss; that’s why I started flossing in the last few days leading up to this appointment.”

Sources report that, in addition to flossing and rigorously brushing for the first time in six months, Kowal prepared for the appointment by furiously gargling Listerine for a full minute, as well as skipping his morning coffee like Dr. Cooke had instructed him to start doing every day since the last appointment.

At press time, Dr. Cooke was seen pointing out the several cavities in Kowal’s mouth and scheduling an appointment for him to come back in two weeks, despite the fact that Kowal avoided hard candy for an entire three days prior to the appointment.

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