Fourth Day Of Hillel Dreidel Championships Stalled After Referees Flag Suspicious Gimmel Play

The Tufts team was previously warned for excessive chutzpah.

Teams and fans clashed at the Hillel Dreidel championship semifinals following accusations of a rigged dreidel. Sources report that referees first called a red flag after a seven-gimmel streak by challengers from Tufts University.

“This is an outrage,” explained Lena Rosenthal, head coach for the University of Michigan’s team. “It’s obvious that they’re using weighted dreidels.”

The discord followed several days of rising tensions as Tufts took several effortless wins and gained dozens of chocolate coins in only the first quarter of the offending game. “A seven-gimmel streak is absolutely unprecedented,” explained Rosenthal. “The most I’ve ever seen in my days as a coach was four hays and a gimmel, and even that was followed by two shins.”

Added Rosenthal, “Something is definitely going on here, and I can assure you it’s not kosher.”

Sources claim that Tufts disputed the charges against them, declaring it was unfair to single them out simply because the “Lord was on [their] side.”

“We’ve sung the blessings for the wine and bread every Friday night like clockwork,” stated Tufts spinning back Andrew Leiberman. “Why shouldn’t we be rewarded for our dedication?”

During the break, referees announced that they were closely analyzing the offending plays and would make an official statement soon. “We’re taking this matter very seriously,” explained Mike Jones, one referee. “The Regional Dreidel Championships haven’t faced an accusation like this since the rounded-top dreidel scandal of 1997, and it’s our job to make sure a fiasco like that never happens again.”

Added the referee, “If Tufts is found guilty of the charge, they could face a penalty of over forty chocolate coins per player.”

At press time, the Michigan varsity dreidel team demanded that referees also investigate the Tufts team for ongoing gelt laundering.

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