INFP Acting Like A Real ENFJ Right Now

What a SOB.

Despite receiving the INFP personality type from the Myers-Briggs test on Monday, reports are indicate that area man Ian Brown is “acting like a complete ENFJ right now.”

Brown, who received the “Mediator” personality type, was seen clearly displaying traits more akin to the “Protagonist” personality type, much to the general public’s dismay.

“These INFPs need to stay in their lane,” said bystander and ISTJ Laura Mitchum . “It’s clear from the looks of him that he’s an INFP, but the way he’s walking and talking just scream ENFJ. Typical INFP behavior if you ask me.”

This is the latest in a string of Brown’s personality swings, with some sources alleging that Brown has exhibited characteristics of ISTPs, ESTPs, INTJs, and ENTJs in recent weeks.

These changes have left a sizable impact on those close to Brown. Girlfriend Becky Moore stated, “he’s not the INFP I used to know anymore. He used to be so ‘I’ and incredibly ‘P,’ but now all I can see when I look at him is ‘E’ and ‘J.’”

“I just can’t stand to see him like this,” added friend Brian Wilf. “I mean, give me an ENFP or even an INTP before a fucking ENFJ.” Wilf later commented that his anger was a result of “ESTPs being natural enemies of ENFJs,” although he “could be confusing them with ISTPs.”

Brown was last seen contemplating his status as an NJB, PYT, DKEP, QPLL, VNKS, DKFAJ, and IEP.

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