Kid Raising His Hand In The Last Two Minutes Of Lecture Just Wants To See You Suffer

He just has a quick comment.

After 78 minutes of Econ 101, sources report that Ross sophomore Jack Sheffield, a sadistic student in the front row of Lorch 140, boldly raised his hand despite the professor wrapping up the lesson.

Multiple students said that they had already packed their bags when they spotted the raised hand.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said LSA junior Sarah Wright. “One minute I’m halfway out of my seat ready to go eat lunch, and the next I’m trapped in this crucible of a lecture hall because some kid doesn’t know the difference between M1 and M2.”

Although it was clear Professor Murphy was about to let the class go, Sheffield was unfazed in his attempt to get in one final word.

The culprit told reporters: “Listen, I’ve been holding on to that question all lecture. I ran through the delivery in my head and everything. We have 80 minutes of class, so we might as well use all of it.”

Even Professor Murphy was dismayed by the late inquiry. “As if I don’t have places to be,” he lamented. “I didn’t even know this kid was in my class, he never sits in the front. Hasn’t even come to office hours once.”

The frustration towards Sheffield was allegedly felt throughout the lecture hall, according to LSA sophomore James Nelson. “The entire class groaned when the professor called on him,” Nelson said. “Someone booed. I’m pretty sure a mechanical pencil was thrown at him.”

Sheffield was unaffected by the negative response, stating “that was my last class of the day anyways.”

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