Kid Who Thinks Mom Is Best Mom In World Clearly Never Had Any Other Mom

Wright’s sample size was reportedly limited.

After area eleven-year-old Charlotte Wright proclaimed her belief that her mom is the best mom in the world, it became abundantly clear to observers that she has never had any other mom.

“My mommy is the best mommy in the entire world,” said Wright about her mother, who regularly deprives her of television and dessert privileges. “I love her very much, and I could never love any other mommy more,” she continued, despite never having a mother that lets her stay up past 10 p.m. and eat ice cream.

Reports have surfaced of Charlotte’s mother forcing her daughter to do homework instead of being allowed to go to the sleepover at Jenna Green’s house. Just last week, before paying for Charlotte to get a manicure, Charlotte’s mother requested that Charlotte first walk the dog and clean her room.

“If I had the opportunity to get a new mom, I’d never take it,” said Wright, clearly oblivious to the existence of mothers who let their kids skip schools to go to the movies. “It’s impossible for there to be a mommy better than mine,” she added, totally disregarding mothers who order pizza every night.

This Christmas, Charlotte’s mother is planning to buy her daughter only three presents even though reports have been released that Madelyn Jones’s mom is going to buy at least seven.

Witnesses have reported Charlotte hugging her mother even though she confiscated her phone last week.

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