Lazy Children Not Doing Anything About Crying Mother On Plane

The O’Neil children reportedly couldn’t stop their mother from kicking the seat in front of her.

To the distress and inconvenience of an entire plane full of irritated passengers on United flight 507 from Dallas to New York last Wednesday, two flippant and lethargic children failed to do anything to quiet down their wailing mother.

Despite several complaints to the flight attendant and dozens of nasty looks, Tommy and Lucy O’Neil, 6 and 8, reportedly neglected to make any concerted attempt to get their cranky mom to pipe down.

“I mean, I get that they don’t want to reward that type of behavior,” said fellow passenger Brian Wellcox. “But come on. There are times to set an example, and there are times to save the ears of a crowded red-eye flight!”

Other than reportedly providing their howling matriarch with a complimentary plastic cup of white wine and excitedly pointing to Ellen DeGeneres on the seat-back monitor, neither Tommy nor Lucy showed signs of further attempts to pacify their screaming mother.

“It’s just rude,” added flight attendant Suzanne Marks. “Maybe this is her first plane ride, but for the sake of the other passengers on board, we really expect and advocate for children to do everything in their power to keep their mothers at peace throughout the duration of the flight.”

Upon arrival, several angry passengers were heard making remarks that the O’Neils were unfit to be children.

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