Man Who Got Flu Shot Going To Go Ahead And Flex That Bandage For A Few Days

Watson, pictured above, stunting on everyone.

After receiving his yearly flu shot from Walgreens, it has been reported that area man Ben Watson is going to “go ahead and stunt that band-aid for another day or two.”

The nurse who administered the vaccine reportedly recommended keeping the injection site covered for around two to four hours, but suggested it could be left on for up to three days if you’re “really trying to be kind of dramatic about it.”

Watson stated that he felt it was important to keep the band-aidon long enough for “at least most of his friends to notice something was up.”

“I mean, it’s not every day you take a battle wound like that,” said Watson, sporting a tank top “I’m not trying to brag or anything, but I think it’s important for everyone to know that I had a giant metal needle jabbed into my arm, and I took it like a champ.”

According to Watson, the band-aid did start to peel off when he showered, but, thinking ahead, hepurchased a pack of new ones on his way out of the store so that it could be replaced without anyone noticing.

“Now everyone knows that not only did I go through that traumatic ordeal, but now I’m also immune to this big bad virus everyone’s afraid of,” added Watson.

Watson was last seen giving blood and asking the phlebotomist if it was possible to wrap the bandage “extra tight” so it wouldn’t fall off for at least a couple of weeks.

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