Nation’s Hopeless Romantics Announce Plans To—Never Mind, It Was Stupid

The hopeless romantics would really prefer you just forget it.

Averting their eyes from their respective love interests, the nation’s hopeless romantics have unanimously agreed that “we should totally—you know what, just forget it.”

“Never mind, it was stupid anyways,” reported hopeless romantic from River Rouge, Michigan, Jared Ellis. “I think it would be for the best if we just moved on and agreed that I never said anything,” Ellis continued, nervously looking around the room.

The hopeless romantics, who all just got out of a long thing, reported feeling “out of it” after almost bringing up the thing that they “definitely don’t want to talk about anymore.”

When pressed for comment, the hopeless romantics reportedly got red in the face and excused themselves to go use the bathroom. “Seriously, it was nothing,” they later insisted, shakily lifting their drinks to their mouths.

Despite their best efforts, much speculation has been given to what the nation’s hopeless romantics were trying to say.

“Whatever it was, they must have been super embarrassed about it,” said Carla Shaw, spokesperson for the nation’s manic pixie dream girls. “They were kind of sweaty for the rest of the night, and they kept tripping over their words.”

Ellis responded to these accusations by stating, “no, yes, wait—no yeah that’s not—yeah, no.”

At press time, the hopeless romantics announced new plans to just let it go as they needed to “focus on themselves a little bit.”

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