Nation’s Wiley Tricksters Report Something On Your Shirt

The practical jokesters also noted something behind your ear.

In an attempt to make suckers and dopes across the country look, wiley tricksters all over the United States are announcing that there’s something on your shirt.

“What is that?” asked Odell Perkins, 13, class clown from Cedar Rapids Middle School in Iowa, “Right there on your shirt?”

The nation’s pranksters have added that their mission is to spread awareness on the epidemic of having something on your shirt.

“We can’t have you walking around like that,” said Gary Lister, 41, a fun uncle from Boise, Idaho. “Can we?”

The increased incidents of something on your shirt puts all nerds in danger, and the nation’s jesters stated further that the course of action when faced with this problem is to look down as soon as possible with reckless abandon.

The announcement has put all bozos, jerks, and spazzes on notice.

“I looked down, but instead of a stain, all I saw was this trickster’s finger flicking me in the eye,” Deborah Mattis, a 26-year-old dweeb living in Brooklyn, told reporters.

At press time, the rascals announced that your shoe was untied.

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