Next Level Charity: Has Announced Every Grain Of Rice Donated Will Be 5000% Bigger

Taking charity up a notch!

Getting food to those in need has always been one of the most pressing challenges for charities. For years, has led the effort with its innovative solution: for every quiz question someone solves on their website, they’ll donate ten grains of rice to starving populations worldwide. After all this time, they’re stepping up their game yet again: every grain of rice they donate will now be five thousand percent larger!

What an upgrade! Although rice contains comparatively little nutritional value, its portability and long-lasting nature has made it a favorite among donors. And now, you get even more bang for your buck! Experts suggest that each new jumbo grain of rice will weigh over thirty pounds, and be able to feed a family of five for weeks.

Sounds like other charities need to step up their game!

We asked some volunteers at the Free Rice project for their take on the change to get their perspective. “We struggled for a while to figure out how we could maximize rice output to impoverished countries, and we kept hitting a brick wall,” explained volunteer Katie Bannon. “We talked about stripping out the quiz component, and donating other foods, but eventually we realized the most impactful thing we could do would be to size-up our rice so much you can barely even hold it in your hands.” Genius!

Since the size increase has caused some complications with airlines, Free Rice has decided to ship each grain one at a time. What a way to make a difference.

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