‘Snow!’ Reports Local Third Grader To Entire Class

Lansdale is reportedly nervous for the rst thunderstorm this coming spring.

Bringing Ms. Landsdale’s lesson on fractions to a screeching halt, local third grader Timmy Quigley exclaimed “snow! It’s snowing!”

The report has already sent shockwaves throughout the classroom with children dropping their jaws in disbelief, turning their heads towards the window, and even sitting backwards on their knees in their seats to get a higher vantage point.

Ms. Landsdale reportedly tried to temper the class’s enthusiasm, but the shocking news completely engrossed her eight-year-old students.

“The class was thrown into chaos,” said Landsdale, an educator for the last 13 years, “Everytime it snows, the class is thrown into a total frenzy.”

Among the hysteria of exclamations and amazement from the class, one student, Jenna Clarke, reportedly asked Ms. Landsdale “whether there was a snow day tomorrow.”

The news rattled the small community, but its effects were short-felt, as 91 seconds after Quigley broke the news, Ms. Landsdale had returned to her lesson on numerators.

This is reportedly the fourth time Quigley has broken such news this month.

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