Struggling Host Suggests Scattergories To Revive Party

Wright’s last-ditch move went largely unappreciated.

In a last-ditch attempt to revive his increasingly tame party, Ann Arbor native Jared Wright reportedly brought out his Scattergories game board to the group of friends congregated in his living room last Friday evening.

Wright assembled the group of coworkers together to celebrate “the end of the week” but was unprepared for the awkward small talk that followed after hors d’oeuvres.

“In the office, everyone gets along so well,” Wright said. “I wasn’t expecting this uncomfortable tension so early in the night.”

After a second offering of refilling everyone’s drinks, Wright retreated to his basement in order to search for Scattergories or a similarly engaging game. Wright mentionedthat this problem has not occurred since living in his college dormitory.

“I have Life and Simpson’s Monopoly down here as well, but nothing really brings a group of coworkers together like a 20-sided die,” Wright explained.

Jessica Aronowitz, Wright’s coworker at the small search engine optimization start-up, chose to remain at the party once Scattergories was brought up and was picked to be on Wright’s team.

“Pictionary or charades would have been one thing, but I haven’t played an actual board game at a party since senior year of high school,” Aronowitz admitted. “I guess this is the price I pay for store-bought spinach dip and three vodka sodas at Jared’s.”

Once one round of the game was completed, coworkers began to filter out as “they were tired from the work week.” Wright plans to host another gathering next month to test out his new expansion pack of Cards Against Humanity.

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