Thanksgiving Dinner A Heartwarming Reminder That The I-90 Is Shut Down For Construction, So Uncle TJ Had To Take A Detour On The M-14 West, But Luckily Traffic Wasn’t Too Bad

As the Thanksgiving weekend approaches, sources report that this year’s upcoming day of thanks will provide a welcome respite from work and stress for everyone, reminding them of the importance of family, the spirit of togetherness, and the construction blocking the I-9 for ten miles that Uncle TJ had to go around using the M-14 West, but traffic wasn’t too bad and he didn’t even get here that late.

Though some look to the Thanksgiving reunion with eagerness and others with dread, most agree that the holiday is a special opportunity to put aside family differences and to focus on what they are grateful for in their life, as well as lane closures on the I-90, which “will add at least another hour to your trip if you were thinking of going back that way,” according to Uncle TJ.

For many families whose members are spread across the United States, Thanksgiving offers an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones not seen in many months. It also offers the opportunity to hear TJ’s observation that it was wise to buy a plane ticket so that you won’t have to deal with that whole mess on the I-90 on your way home—not the worst he’s seen, he was clear to reiterate, “but let’s just say that without those downloaded podcasts, Uncle TJ would’ve gone crazy,” he was quoted as saying, referring to himself in the third person.

As everyone gears up to return home and take part in the festivities and traditions, sources claim that no true Thanksgiving would ever be complete without the hearty meals, laughter, or Uncle TJ leaning over the gravy boat to mention that he’ll probably need to refuel his pickup before heading back, “since you never know whether the M-14 West is going to get closed down too, the way they’re at it.”

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