Upstaged! Every one of this groom’s groomsmen wore the same outfit as him!

Looks like someone's gonna have to change!

Well this is one problem no bridegroom ever wants to face, but local county clerk and newlywed Jim Fitzpatrick arrived at his wedding last Tuesday at the Clairmont Chapel to find out that not one, not two, but every single one of his six groomsmen had shown up wearing a black tuxedo, just like he did!

It must have been a nasty shock for Jim, who spent upwards of $1800 on his sleek black Capstone Italian tuxedo, to see the six men whom he cherished so dearly as to have them stand at his side on this most monumental of occasions wearing the same garb as him. His brother, his wife-to-be’s brother, a cousin, and three lifelong friends, each and every one of them trying harder than the last to overshadow him on the most important day of his life.

Be it active malice or unbounded thoughtlessness, it was made all the worse by the surprise of it all. Jim was totally blindsided by this development. In fact, this occurrence was so far from his mind that he didn’t even bother coordinating outfits for the his groomsmen—he simply assumed they’d have more sense! And why shouldn’t he? No bridesmaid would dare commit the cardinal sin of wearing a white dress on the pulpit; what made this troupe think the male equivalent was going to be okay? One can only wonder.

It’s small wonder that insiders predict Jim’s wedding to collapse within the first two years. After a start like this, it may be best to just pack up and try again later—maybe a private ceremony next time.

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