We Couldn’t Find Any Pictures of Stanley Tucci In A Top Hat, So We Hope This One Of Michael Stuhlbarg Will Be Ok

Not what you were looking for, we know.

Ok. Here’s the thing. We know you wanted to see a picture of Stanley Tucci in a top hat—believe me, we do too. But right now, it’s just not in the cards. We looked for like 20 minutes, and there are no pictures of Stanley Tucci in a top hat on the entire internet. There’s some of him in caps, there’s some of him in bowlers, but not a single picture of him in a top hat. We could photoshop one for you, but we both know you don’t want that. But don’t worry, we’re not letting you leave this article empty-handed. You’re still getting a pretty sweet deal here. Stuhlbarg did prove that there are no small parts with his performance in “The Post.” We know it’s not exactly what you wanted, but hopefully it’s the next best thing and can tide you over until we discover that content.

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