Woman Wearing Red In Target Doesn’t Work There

She was wearing her favorite red Izod polo.

Sources have confirmed that, Carol Wilkins, the woman wearing red in Ann Arbor’s local Target on West Waters Road is indeed not an employee.

“I needed to ask someone where I could find picture frames,” said shopper Jacob Davis. “I was pretty sure the woman hanging around the frozen food in the red shirt worked there, but it turned out that she was just another customer.”

Davis described learning that the woman was just a regular shopper, recalling how “confused and hurt” she looked after Davis inquired about the whereabouts of the photo frames.

“I mean, her outfit just looked so similar to an employee’s, who could blame me?” he asked. “Honestly, if you’re going into Target wearing red, you should expect to be asked to help a customer find an item at least a couple times.”

Wilkins was reportedly feeling insulted after the incident.

“Just because I choose to wear a certain color doesn’t mean that I’m an employee of some department store that uses that color in its branding,” said Wilkins, moments before asking a customer if he was finding everything he needed. “I put a lot of thought into my outfits, and I really dislike the idea that they would be belittled to representing the store where I buy groceries.”

Wilkins has also been seen wearing dark blue to Wal-Mart and occasionally an orange apron to Home Depot.

At press time, Wilkins was seen in the toiletries aisle, where someone asked her the cost of an unlabeled bottle of shampoo.

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