Avalanche Of Pots Behind Closed Cupboard Someone Else’s Issue Now

A few pans are also someone else’s problem now.

Upon closing her kitchen cupboard only to discover all the pots had come tumbling down behind it, area junior Kathy Barnes has made the difficult decision that “it’s going to have to be the next person’s issue.”

Barnes stated that the next person to open the cabinet will surely be greeted by the avalanche of poorly balanced pots and pans, but that that person would definitely not be her.

“I know that, as soon as that door gets opened, it’s going to be a huge mess that someone will need to put back together,” Barnes told reporters. “Fortunately, I’m the only person that knows that, though, and I’m not going to tell anyone.”

Barnes added that, while she knows her actions are “kind of cold,” she feels that they are only fair as last week she ended up mopping the floor after a jar of poorly placed pickles shattered when she opened the refrigerator.

While she is not sure how long it is going to be until someone else decides to enter the cupboard, Barnes assured reporters that she is willing to wait it out for however long is necessary.

Barnes was last seen ordering takeout, as she still did not have access to any pots or pans to cook with.

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