Dog Drags Family Into Fire

Sources report that Rosco was being a very, very bad boy.

A Michigan woman has her dog to thank after he “heroically” dragged her entire family into a raging house fire.

Arya Conway, a Canton resident, was lounging on her patio with her family when their dog, Rosco, started jumping on top of them and barking.

“I was reading in the backyard when I heard Rosco bark,” explained Conway. “I thought maybe he had seen a squirrel or something so at first I didn’t think too much of it.”

Reports later indicated that it was not a furry visitor that 2-year-old Rosco was barking at. Rosco instead appeared to be desperately attempting to notify his family of the flames that had erupted in the front of the Conway home.

“I noticed smoke billowing up from the kitchen window, and instantly knew I had to get away from the house,” said Conway. That is when Rosco allegedly “jumped into action.”

As Arya Conway escaped the approaching smoke, Rosco grabbed the pant leg of her husband and 17-year-old stepson and started pulling them towards the destruction. Canton Fire Department arrived at the scene soon after.

“It’s amazing what dogs are capable of,” said Stephen McDonnell, a neighbor. “Rosco identified a problem and he immediately did what needed to be done and guided the family directly into the fire.”

While Martin Conway, Arya’s husband, and her stepson Brian escaped the fire unscathed, Brain told reporters that the “That psychotic dog really needs to be put down.”

According to Conway, the Fire Department will be rewarding Rosco’s heroism in a town-wide ceremony next week.

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