Equality Win! This Man Took Plan-B For His Girlfriend

Knight in shining armor!

With all the inequality that exists in our society, it’s nice to finally see someone doing something to make a difference. This past Friday, Deric Sawyer took Plan-B for his girlfriend after having unprotected sex.

Incredible job, Deric!

When a couple has unprotected sex, it always seems to be the woman who takes the emergency contraceptive. With the evolving values of the modern world, it’s much more logical that the man should put in his fair share of work.

It’s people like Deric who are the real changemakers in our world.

The morning-after pill can cause some nasty side effects like nausea, headaches, and bloating, so it’s only fair that the man takes it at least half the time. Seeing as Deric’s girlfriend took it last time, it just makes sense that he should take it this time.

We’re proud of you, Deric! Way to save your girlfriend from some unwanted side effects of having unprotected sex.

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