Girl In Facebook Group Asking For Computer Charger Back Doesn’t Understand How Stealing Works

Moore was reportedly still holding out hope for her charger’s safe return.

Having lost her Macbook Pro charger Wednesday evening while taking a quick bathroom break at the library, a University of Michigan freshman posted in the Class of 2022 Facebook group, making it clear that she does not understand how stealing works.

“After getting down to nearly 10 percent, I reached down to grab my charger from the outlet to plug it into my computer and realized it was gone!” said Moore, recalling the event.

After a brief panic, she immediately posted in her university’s student Facebook group asking other library-goers to “please return” the charger if they had seen it. Moore, who obviously does not comprehend the concept of stealing, described the charger as “white with a long cord that plugs into a computer” in order to ensure all members of the community are able to keep an eye out for it.

“She hasn’t lost hope, and that’s the sad part of the story,” reports friend Mary Loue. Waiting anxiously and eagerly for someone to message her back with good news of the reappearance of the charger, Moore recalls only receiving messages from friends, “apologizing that her charger got stolen.”

“The lack of responses I’m getting regarding the whereabouts of my lost charger, considering I’m offering a small reward, is disappointing” added the woman completely naive to any conception of theft.

Still chargerless, Moore was last seen having a hard time distinguishing between the concepts and logistics of misplacing and stealing.

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