How Cute! These Two Lions Are Lady-And-The-Tramp Style Eating This Zebra’s Intestines

Freaking adorable.

We thought this lion couple couldn’t get any cuter after watching the two love birds run side-by-side in pursuit of a zebra and work together to tear the defenseless creature limb from limb in what was clearly a date night “dinner for two” on the African savanna.

But boy were we wrong.

We should have known love was in the air when he used his razor-sharp claws and teeth to slice open the zebra’s abdomen to remove its still-beating heart and place it affectionately in a pool of blood in front of her to dine on first.

Things took a turn for the hot and heavy when she decided to put on a little show for him by dragging the zebra’s mutilated carcass up the trunk of an acacia tree and hang it upside down from the branches until all the vital organs dangled just out of his reach. It was the the ultimate tease

Finally, just when we thought our hearts would burst from the sheer “aaaaw!” factor of it all, something inside the zebra’s lower intestinal tract burst, spewing visceral matter and fluid all over the grassland. That’s when the two lions seemingly sealed the deal by fighting over the small intestine like it was the last piece of spaghetti—playfully tugging at either end of the tubular organ and slurping until their two maws met together in a light “kiss.”

It was just like in Lady and the Tramp. The only thing missing was the Italian lute duet, but that arguably would’ve been overkill.

It just goes to show that romance is alive and well on the African savanna.

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