It’s A Metaphor, You See

Hey stranger, I’m glad I caught your eye. You’re probably wondering what I’m doing here, on the corner of Washington and Main, flipping a nickel alone. That’s what you’re wondering right? I could tell by the flicker in your eyes. See, the nickel is a metaphor for those who stay within the system. By flipping it, I assume the role of the capitalistic Walton family types who control all of us under their authoritarian market domination. Shocking, I know. Those who know they are pawns in the system are all nickels, while those who remain unaware are worthless drones, similar to pennies. Pennies cost more to produce these days than what they are actually worth, did you know that? Similarly to the cost of human overpopulation—most people cost this world more than what they give it by remaining ignorant.

I consider myself a nihilist—or someone who thinks all we do on this earth is meaningless, in case you are unfamiliar with the term. I pick this corner because it is the culmination of all that is wrong in this society. Everyone here acting like their monetary contributions to these chain stores and restaurants will benefit the economy. Instead, they’re only asserting their status further as a drone who is completely unaware of the puppet master controlling them. No one asks questions anymore for fear of finding the truth. I’ve found that most are afraid of facing the truth, as it’s not as pretty as the lies our facade of a government feeds us. At least there are people like us out here too, the ones who will eventually rise among the ruins once our country burns itself to the ground.

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