LGBTQ Ally Alert! This Straight Man Thinks Ellen Degeneres Is Funny

Not his favorite, but still good!

Score one point for acceptance! Jeremy Morrison is such a freaking ally that he recently watched an Ellen Degeneres clip and found it amusing. While other straight bros are stuck in a routine of John Mulaney and Nathan for You, Jeremy finds Ellen’s comedy “good” and “definitely really important for a lot of people.”

While Jeremy doesn’t rank Ellen in his top 20, or even 40 comedians, he still acknowledges how others might. “I know that the LGBTQ people really look up to her. And I agree I think she’s really funny for a girl.” Representation in the media, am I right? You go Jeremy. Way to be.

Jeremy understands the importance of representation in the media, and understands that Ellen is a figure for LGBTQ youth considering pursuing comedy. He wants you to know that although he used to think sexuality was a choice, he is woke now and he no longer thinks Ellen’s hairstyle is “too short for a girl.” Looks like we got an ally on our hands! Huzzah!

Although Jeremy only discovered Ellen when YouTube searching for Kevin Hart clips, he has reportedly “seen the light” and is proud to move away from his usual routine of cutting women off in class discussions.

Jeremy has not yet seen any single other women do stand-up, but he’s “down for whatever” in the future.

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