Nation’s Dwindling Middle Class Reduced To Jeremy

Jeremy is the last participant of the American Dream.

With the wealth gap becoming wider than ever over recent years, the nation’s dwindling middle class has reportedly been reduced to just Jeremy Smith of Allen Park, Michigan.

After surveying the entire country, Jeremy was found to be the only person in the U.S. with a wife, two kids, a dog, a steady job that doesn’t pay enough but makes ends meet, a few grand in savings, a 401k, and a mortgage he just paid off.

Despite being the only person carrying out this way of life, Jeremy is reportedly “disillusioned” with his middle class values:

“They call it the American dream, don’t they? Doesn’t seem too dreamy too me, though,” stated Jeremy in his homespun style, the last of its kind.

This development comes after years of economic and societal upheaval, leaving only a dozen Americans in the suburbs and five Americans as assembly line workers, including Jeremy.

“It’s simple economics. In the capitalist system we currently have instated, the rich will always get richer, and the poor will always get poorer,” said economics professor Cayden Curtis. “And then there’sJeremy. It might be easy to neglect Jeremy or to think Jeremy’s always going to fall on his feet, but given current trends, we’re set to lose Jeremy as we know him within the next decade.”

When asked if a bridge between the ultra-rich and ultra-poor
would be possible in the near future, Jeremy replied, “maybe, but what’s little old me going to do about that, huh?”

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