No Fair! This Guy Gets To Walk Around All Day Using Crutches

What a gyp!

We all know that life isn’t fair. Some people have lots of money and vacation on their private yachts while others go to bed hungry at night. Some people live in mansions paid for by their parents while other people struggle to find work and end up homeless.

But sometimes, life is really not fair. Sometimes, life takes not being fair too far.

Craig gets to walk around all day on crutches, provided to him free of cost by his insurance, while the rest of us have to get around on our own two feet. For every normal, boring step you take, Craig gets to swing his two crutches forward using nothing but his arms and propel his legs forward as if he is a toddler and his parents are standing on either side of him, taking him by the arms, and lifting him up in the air while saying “one, two, three, weeee!”

Some of you might say, “well Craig is on crutches because he broke his foot.” No duh, anyone can see that. Just like anyone would trade a foot for the ability to use crutches because crutches make you cool. Crutches make everyone around you stop and ask, “oh my God, are you okay? Would you like me to carry your bag for you?” Crutches let you miss the beginning of every class because you’re too busy having fun swinging your way through the snow. Crutches make it so that you don’t have to drive. Crutches make you too good for stairs and let you use the elevator, or better yet, one of those mini scooters just for one foot. Crutches probably even make you buff because you get to use your arms so much.

So next time you’re feeling down and out, just remember that some people in the world have it way worse—and others way better. Like Craig on his shiny new pair of crutches.

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