Spanish Teacher A Little Too Excited About Spanish

Gardner reportedly just wants to stimulate her student’s cabezas.

Sources indicate that Professor Betty Gardner’s flare in her Spanish 101 class has left students wanting less.

“Professor Gardner is great. She’s so nice, and you can tell she loves her job,” stated Spanish 101 student John Davis.

“It’s just that-I don’t know-I mean, it’s Spanish. Babies learn it all the time, I don’t understand how she can possibly get so excited about it. She’s like if a golden retriever was a Spanish professor,” continued Davis.

“I just really love Spanish,” Gardner told reporters. “When you’re a Spanish teacher, every day is a fiesta. Being bilingual is the most bueno thing in my life!” Gardner continued. Spanish 101 student Madison Godfrey called the class “uncanny.”

“It’s hard to talk about your life in a language you don’t know. It’s almost impossible to do it when a middle-aged woman is looking at you like she loves you,” Godfrey said.

“I’m a Spanish major, I love the language, but, good God, that woman is extra,” said student Patrick Day. “I make sure to get a few answers wrong on the homework because if I get an A, she congratulates me way too much. I got a 94 percent once, and she actually sang a song.”

At press time, Professor Gardner was seen buying balloons and sparklers for everyone in the class.

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