Winter X Games Either Just Happened, About To Happen

Chloe Kim is among the athletes who either just completed or is about to compete.

As winter continues into February and your friends are posting photos on Instagram of them skiing, people across the nation have concluded that the Winter X Games either just happened, or are about to happen.

“They must be right around now,” said Peryn Wells, 26, who vaguely recalled seeing X Game footage in her dentist office around this time last year. “If they haven’t happened yet, they must be on, like, next week or something.”

The Winter X Games, hosted, produced, and broadcasted by ESPN features events in skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling in either very recently or in the immediate future.

Fans of the X Games are pretty sure they are just wrapping up or starting off in the previous or coming weeks.

“This is usually when the Winter Olympics happen, I think,” said perennial X Games viewer Finn Martin. “I can’t think of any other time to have it besides the weeks preceding or following this very day.”

TV viewers were also able to confirm that the location was either Aspen or Big Bear.

ESPN later confirmed that the Summer X Games would once again take place right around that time in the summer where nothing else is on.

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