YouTube Commenter Launches Investigation Into Who Watching This Video In 2019

Previous investigations in 2018, 2017, and 2016 were all reportedly inconclusive.

Seeking to get a finger on the pulse of the beating online populace, YouTuber commenter Adam “Night Wolf ” Jennings launched an investigation on Monday into who was still watching Outkast’s music video for “Hey Ya” in the year 2019.

The comment, which read, “anyone still here in 2019??” was left on the music video with nearly 400 million views last Monday by Night Wolf at 2:13 am.

“This investigation hit pretty close to home for me,” Night Wolf told reporters, “I was watching the video in 2019, so I wanted to know if other people were watching the video in 2019, like I was.”

The probe is being called inconclusive by experts, but returned a net sum of 268 likes, leading Night Wolf to presume there were at least 268 people watching the video in 2019, like he was.

“I was watching the video in 2019,” said one YouTube user who liked the comment and has asked to remain anonymous in this article. “I liked the comment because, like the commenter, I was watching the video in 2019.”

Jennings later launched a followup investigation into who was sent here from Jimmy Fallon.

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