Blast from the Past! This guy is wearing a Beatles T-Shirt Even Though All Of The Band Members Are Dead!

Way to keep their memory alive!

Music nerds, you’d better get ready for this one! It may be that each and every member of British pop group ‘The Beatles’ has been dead for decades, but that little fact won’t stop superfan Mikey Davis from repping the brand!

Sure, we’ve all heard the classic hits like ‘Twist and Shout,’ ‘Hey Jude,’ and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever,’ and the pop foursome was certainly a cultural force to be reckoned with in its time. Even today, many scholars of music history credit The Beatles with popularizing new styles of music and pioneering new sounds, citing them as one of the most influential groups in all of aural history. But, given that the last Beatle died long before Mikey was born, it sure is odd to see him wearing their merch!

Mikey says he learned to love The Beatles from his parents’ old albums, which he used to listen to as a kid. A nice piece of family history, to be sure.

The modern-age arbiter or musical history knowledge says that, even though there are many and more long-dead musicians, he only owns branded merchandise from The Beatles. He hasn’t got any Bach swag, any George Gershwin decals, or Lizst laptop stickers. Something must have been really special about those Beatles!

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