CNN Think They Understands

Yeah, I not sure where the mainstream medias is getting they’re informations from, but the TV people really needs to make sure they knows what they saying before they try to act smart and tell me how I get into USC. I would have made it in with or without Mommies $7.2 million dollar donation.

I think that they thinks they know what their talking about, but you can tell CNN actually has no clue. Clearly none of them has been near an IV League so how would they be able to tell me how I got into USC in the fall? Everyone knows I deserve the spot, maybe there just jealous because they not a rising varsity soccer star?

I’m just putting mommy’s two cents in here but I think I would know what it take to get into a good school. I did NHS for two months in high school. So, yeah, I think I know a little bit about service and leadership, and whatever else it is that the poors need to get in.

If Anderson Cooperson actually want to try giving us the real news, why doesn’t he try interviewing the ones who got into Harvard and Sanford through those “affirmative action programs?” Don’t get mad with I because we all know who belong here (hint its me). I didn’t even like school and I got into USC. So maybe if they was try harder, they be in.

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