Dance Marathon Celebrates Raising $450,000 With $400,000 Cake

After raising an impressive $450,000, Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan has chosen to celebrate with a $400,000 cake.

Although most of DMUM’s money is usually donated to the families of disabled children, members of the club this year reached a consensus that almost half a million dollars should be spent on a cake.

“We’re really proud of all our donors and participants this year,” said Dance Marathon President James Henderson. “Which is exactly why we have decided to celebrate by purchasing a cake that is worth almost one-hundred percent of all the money we raised.”

“We understand that the cake is quite costly, but we really just want to emphasize the appreciation we have for all of our participants.”

While some university officials were alarmed at the financial decision to allocate almost all of the club’s funds to a dessert, DMUM’s executive board has released a statement claiming that choice is in “everyone’s best interest.”

“We weren’t sure if we should get chocolate or vanilla,” said DMUM Information Management Chair Justin Davidson. “So we compromised. Yellow sponge with chocolate frosting. I think it was the right decision.”

According to participant Samantha Hurvitz, the cake, which was a three- layer sponge coated with chocolate frosting, was the “perfect way” to celebrate DMUM’s victory.

“The cake was good,” said Hurvitz. “Usually I don’t like chocolate frosting, but I could really tell how good the quality was.”

“I still think I prefer Carvel’s classic Fudgie the Whale ice cream cake, however,” she later added.

When asked about DMUM’s goals for next year, Treasurer Haley Lieberman announced that the organization is aiming for a cookie cake.

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