GSI’s Coffee Shop Office Hours Feel Weirdly Similar To A Date

Harrin was reportedly wondering what his students were up to next week.

Students in Classic Civilization 404: Intermediate Greek Mythology have reported that attending their GSI’s office hours at Espresso Royale felt eerily similar to going on a first date.

The GSI in question, Trevor Harrin, indicated on his discussion section syllabus that he would be holding office hours in the State Street Espresso Royale rather than in his “cramped little cupboard in Tisch.”

“I hope this will make our meetings feel less formal and more intimate,” Harrin had mentioned to the class during the first week. “I want you all to feel like office hours are more than academic conferences—they are opportunities for us to get to know each other better.”

Several students who have taken advantage of Harrin’s office hours confirm that they do feel “very intimate.”

“The first time I went in,” said Junior Sofia Keller, “he was sitting by the window dressed real spiffy and reading a Jane Austen novel. When I sat down, he stood up, pulled out my chair for me, and asked if he could buy me a coffee. I guess it was sweet of him, but it seemed like a bit much.”

Other students report similar experiences with Harrin during office hours, citing long-winded small talk, prolonged eye contact, and being shown pictures of his dogs as similarities between the office hours and a date.

“I get the feeling he’s desperate,” said junior Lily Vargas. “I did some snooping on his Facebook page, and it turns out he hasn’t been in a relationship in five years. Sort of makes sense, considering all the personalized emails he sends us.”

Upon taking their leave of coffee shop, students claimed that Harrin would state “this was fun, we should do it again some time,” before insisting that they take down his number in case they have urgent need of contacting him.

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