Guy At Party Wearing Lampshade On Head Actually An Undercover Cop

Gillihan is willing to do whatever it takes to serve his community.

Sources reported Friday night that the guy with the lampshade on his head at the big party was actually Dave Gillihan, an officer of the law who wore the lampshade in an effort to protect his identity.

“My job is to serve and protect and that’s exactly what I did last night,” Gillihan told reporters. “It’s not easy to go to an awesome party, go totally nuts, get the nickname Lampshade Guy, and then hand out MIPs to the people who gave me that very nickname. It’s not easy, but it’s what I have to do to,” Gillihan continued.

“Oh you know lampshade guy?” responded party attendee Jim Day when asked for comment. “Me and him were beer pong partners, and man, I thought he was cool,” Day continued. “He was kinda quiet but seemed like an overall chill dude.”

Another party attendee, Natalie Klio stated that she and Gillihan talked about what music they liked for about fifteen minutes.

“I should have known he was a cop when he said his favorite musician was John Mellencamp,” Klio told reporters.

One party-goer, Karen Fike, voiced her intention to challenge the MIP given to her by Gillibrand. “My mom is hiring a lawyer because you can’t give me an MIP when you’re drunker than I am. I mean he was wearing a lampshade on his head! He didn’t do that to protect his identity he did it because he was wasted and he thought it was funny,” Fike stated.

At press time, Gillihan was last seen preparing for a “totally epic rager” on Oxford Road.

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