Houseguest Not Sure Where To Find Kitchen Trash Can

The location of the trash can remained unconfirmed.

After completing three laps around the kitchen island in pursuit of the disposal place for his apple core, houseguest John Hardy is reportedly still unable to locate the hidden trash can.

“I know it’s somewhere,” reported John as he frantically flipped open the cupboard door under the sink. “Nope, just pipes.”

Despite having visited his friend Kyle’s house on several occasions, John has never had to assume waste management responsibilities before.

“Usually Kyle throws everything away,” Hardy stated while slamming the silverware drawer shut in disappointment.

“And a lot of the time I just leave my trash on his coffee table. I should have probably taken that route again.”

After 13 grueling minutes of searching for the waste bucket, John figured it was time to call it quits.

“You know what? Fuck it,” John exclaimed while stumbling upon a cabinet stocked with canned goods and paper towel rolls and ultimately leaving “this bitch on the counter.”

At press time, Hardy was seen searching for the door to the cellar.

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