Midterm A Piece Of Cake

Several flavors of the midterm were distributed to prevent cheating.

Following weeks of stressing and test preparation, several students of Chem 262 were reportedly relieved to walk into their examination room and find their midterm was a piece of cake.

“I heard the exam was going to be easy,” said LSA sophomore Eric Meisel, “I had no idea it was going to be like this.”

Students were given 90 minutes to complete the chocolate section followed by a brief icing section.

“I got carrot cake,” said LSA freshman Angela Hudson. “So definitely not the easiest exam I’ve ever been through, but I’ve certainly had harder.”
Multiple students said they weren’t given a study guide, but just figured that was due to their professor’s indifference.

“Professor Holt kept telling us not to worry too much,” said Engineering sophomore Laura Brinks. “It makes a lot more sense now she told us not to bring Blue Books and to ‘pace ourselves.’”

Professor Holt was pleased with the results, reporting that students came to class after the exam with a new sense of excitement for the subject.“After I said ‘forks down,’ a lot of students were smiling and cracking their knuckles with satisfaction,” said Washington. “It’s nice to see students so passionate about their work.”

Only one student, LSA Junior Kylee Weber, seemed frustrated with her results. “I’m lactose intolerant and they gave me chocolate cake,” said LSA junior Kylee Weber. “This is going to bring my final grade down by so much.”

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