Oh, Hell Yeah: This Movie Has A Scene Where An Old Man Lists Names Of The Devil

Hell to the fuck yeah! Today’s your lucky day, motherfucker. The movie you just tuned into on TNT has a scene where a prophetic old man with absolutely no other narrative purpose lists synonyms for the devil to forewarn the protagonist of the dangers they face in their journey.

The old man heard the protagonists discussing some lost amulet or treasure or something at some backwater saloon where they don’t fit in and immediately starting listing monikers for Satan in order to convey in vain that this isn’t something these city folk should be fucking around with. Way to go!

First he goes for the devil—classic way to get things started. Then he rattled off Beelzebub and lucifer, hell yeah keep ‘em coming you dirty old sage! Give us as many synonyms for the Angel of Darkness as you can and then get the hell out of the movie.

Who knows what this gray and grizzled maniac has seen that’s led to eavesdropping on strangers in the middle of the day in this rickety old tavern, but whatever it was it certainly taught him a metric fuck ton of synonyms for the fallen angel. Demon, Antichrist, oh shit he just hit them with Mephistopheles! Oh yeah, this ancient fuck knows these dipshits are in way over their heads.

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