Smooth Operator! Your Tinder Match Is Only Five Messages Away From Asking For A Vial Of Your Urine

The guy you just matched with on Tinder may look like a catch from the outside, but, little do you know, he is only five introductory messages away from shooting his shot and asking for a gift of your pee for his collection.

You, naively, thought his great pictures and slightly funny bio meant he had actual potential before having your hopes of finding love on the popular hook-up app were dashed.

Things started fine enough when you opened with a witty reference to his Spotify preferences which he responded to with the playful energy you look for in a potential partner. However, that energy would soon get weird when he suggests you let him have some of your pee “just ‘cause.”

You wondered why people are so critical of Tinder. Sure, it isn’t perfect, but hey! It gets people talking. This, of course, was only mere minutes before you were faced with a request for some of that hot, frothy golden liquor you selfishly keep in your bladder.

After this experience, you’ll move on to Bumble to find some guys who are more “intellectual” because the ladies make the first move. Unfortunately, that second move will be a guy asking you out to a night on the town in his local dungeon.

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