Weird Roommate Makes Reasonable Amount Of Pasta

Matthews reportedly washed his dishes immediately after use.

According to housemates, LSA junior James Matthews, known for his slightly strange behaviors, was recently seen making a “very reasonable and portion-sized,” amount of pasta.

Dave Goslin, housemate of Matthews, told reporters that Matthews had taken out a measuring cup in order to reasonably judge the amount of pasta instead of “blindly dumping like half the box in the pot and hoping for the best like a normal person.”

“It’s almost like he didn’t hate himself after eating the noodles because he didn’t accidently make enough for a family of four,” Goslin added. “Super weird if you think about it.”

Other housemates have also reported that Matthews also measured out the sauce and parmesan cheese he added to his meal to make sure it wasn’t too much.

“I’d hate to see Dave make rice,” said Brian Walker, friend of Matthews. “I have a good feeling that he’d also make just enough of that, which is bizarre.”

While those around him have been unable to wrap their heads around Matthew’s lifestyle, he has reported that he is simply just “trying not to be wasteful.”

Matthews was last seen feeling “comfortably full.”

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