Gimme A Call When You’re Ready For The Big Leagues

You were pretty good in there, kid. Pretty sharp idea about the merger. You remind me a lot of myself at your age. Quick thinker, good speaker, ambitious. So what are you doing slumming it at an office like this?

Talent like yours is hard to come by. Do you want to waste it all around here? Or do you want to join me, where you can actually make something of yourself. Life moves pretty quick and when you’re not winning, you’re losing. Here at this office, people lose. At my office, people win. Life’s that simple.

Sure, here your the big fish in the little pond. But wouldn’t you rather be swimming with the sharks. You can have it all, kid. The house, the car, the pool. It’s all there for the taking. That is, of course, if you’re man enough to reach for it.

Last year I made 45 million dollars. That’s more money than you’ve ever seen in your life. More money than you’ll ever see too if you keep wasting your time at this dump. Stock options, bonuses, embezzled funds—they’re all waiting for you as soon at you’re ready to play with the big boys.

Anyway when you’re tired of wading around in the kiddie pool, you have my number.

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