True Friendship: This Guy Came Out For His Friend Over The Internet

Genuine friendships can be tough to come across in the modern world, but here’s a story that will restore your faith in human relationships.

This past Friday, 13-year-old Rick Spellman posted “Jeffrey is gay” on his Facebook status. Way to go, Rick! Sometimes it’s important to speak for your friends when they’re too afraid to speak for themselves.

It can often be difficult to confront the truth, so the world needs people like Rick, who just provide that little extra push their friends need in order to embrace their true selves. What a beautiful coming out story.

Faith in humanity? Restored!

Although Jeffrey reportedly started crying when he saw the inspirational social media post, we’re assuming that they were tears of joy! If Jeffrey wants to start embracing who he really is, he’s first going to need to stop complaining about cyberbullying.

Jeffrey’s growing desire to have the post taken down is really just a barrier to discovering his true sexual identity. Let’s give it up for Rick for bringing him one step closer to that important discovery!

Heartwarming? Um, yes.

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