Activity Sucks Just Enough To Become Family Tradition

The activity in question blew just the right amount.

Reports emerged from the Morris family home in Lincoln, Nebraska last Friday that the activity family members were presently engaged in sucked just enough to become a family tradition.

The activity in question — Apples-to-Apples at Great-Aunty Esme’s followed by dinner at Olive Garden— was reportedly “kind of shitty, but at least made it easy to get the whole family together ‘round a table for some quality time.”

“It started off decent,” said baby-of-the-family Lucas Morris. “The first round caused some huge social rifts, but the second sewed some of the open wounds back together again. The bread sticks after were pretty good too, but then Uncle Jim broke into hives from the seafood delight. Either way, I’m bracing myself for another go of the whole thing next week,” he added.

“Last generation, we played cornhole out back,” said Lucas’s mother, Anne Morris. “But I don’t see why we can’t shake things up every once in a while and have some other banal activity that eventually leads to someone storming away in tears monopolize our weekend.”

The Morris family was last seen on vacation, grabbing ice cream at a gas station Dairy Queen, which was just shitty enough to make a regular stop for all future trips.

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