Area Man Half-Naked During Skype Interview

Saunders was reportedly looking to ‘loosen up a bit.’

While participating in a video call interview for Barclays Investment Bank, area man Michael Saunders was reportedly only wearing clothes on his upper half.

“If the camera only captures my torso and above, what’s the point in wearing pants?” asked Saunders, who claimed he was much more comfortable without trousers. “I think a lot more clearly when I’m naked, so doing the interview without pants was an obvious way to make sure that I get the job.

While being half-naked made Saunders more confident before the interview, he claimed to be “slightly worried” about potentially having to leave his chair or adjust the camera during it. Reports have shown that this wasn’t the case, however, meaning that Saunders was never forced to unwillingly expose himself to the interviewer.

While Saunders confirmed he was wearing underwear, he claimed he would have done the interview “butt-naked” if not for the draft in his bedroom.

“Since the camera could only see my upper half, the only point in wearing underwear was to keep warm,” said Saunders. “It’s a little more constraining, but I still think I had some pretty good responses even in the constraints of my underwear.”

Saunders expressed complete certainty that his interviewer had “no idea” he was wearing his birthday suit.

“In the camera, I looked totally clothed,” he said. “The interviewer had to reason to suspect I wasn’t wearing a full suit.”

At press time, Saunders was completing a phone interview completely in the nude.

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