Entire Class On Waitlist

The entire class was reportedly ‘just a few spots away’ from registering for the course.

Following the first meeting of EECS 283 last week, sources confirmed that the entirety of Professor Matthew Langley’s 400-person lecture was still on the waitlist.

According to recent WolverineAccess and LSA Course Guide counts, the sum total of students in the lecture hall on the first day was represented on the list.

“I’m a declared minor and a senior and this still happened, but at least I’m pretty high up on the list,” said Ethan Collins, 35th student on the waitlist. “I asked the kid next to me if he had access to the Canvas site so I could get the link to the project spec, and then I just went down the entire row asking,” Collins added. “Looks like we’re all in a bit of a bind,” he concluded.

Despite the immense size of the queue to enroll for the course, each and every student on the waitlist had their hopes up. “I just need a spot in this one discussion section to open up and then I’m golden,” said 154th student on the waitlist, Eric Song.

At press time, Professor Langley was unaware of any waitlist.

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