Professor Requests Students Announce Name, Major, And Favorite Sex Position

Matthews believes learning new things about one another helps students ‘breaks the ice’ on the first day.

This past Monday, during the second session of Political Science 382, Professor Drake Matthews conducted an icebreaker asking his students to share their name, major, and favorite sex position.

“I’ll start,” said Professor Matthews, after arranging all the desks in a circle. “My name is Drake, I’m a political science professor, and my favorite sex position is when she’s on top of me but backwards so I get the best view.”

While some students were apprehensive about the activity, others were enthusiastic to share their preferred method of fornication with the room of total strangers.

“My name is Jeremy Bates, I’m an International Studies major, and I’ve become pretty fond of the reverse-standing wheelbarrow with a half upside-down sideways twist,” said junior Jeremy Bates.

Professor Matthews later added that students who have never had sex are welcome to instead share their favorite place to masturbate or porn category.

“My name is Steven Straits, I’m a Political Science major, and I like to masturbate with the door unlocked because I feel as if it gives it that extra little bit of excitement,” said virgin Steven Straits.

While most of the students who opted to answer the third ice breaker question were men, a significant portion of the room’s women also wanted to share, in front of 30 people whom they had never met before, their favorite way to get it on.

“I’m Jenna Horowitz, I’m a Business major, and honestly, anything with a whip, handcuffs, or a gag is fine by me,” said dominatrix Jenna Horowitz.

At press time, classmates with similar answers were exchanging phone numbers with one another.

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