Report: Grandma With Dementia About To Give You Another $100

At press time, Grandma Edith wanted you to get yourself something nice.

Sources report that area demented grandmother Edith Burton is about to give you another $100.

Burton, who slipped you a different $100 note just five minutes prior, is reportedly now rummaging through her purse for another bill.

“I love you, sonny,” said Burton, while tousling your hair. “Get yourself something nice,” she added.

The grandma, whose degenerative brain disease now requires around-the-clock hospice care, handed you the legal tender while suggesting that you “get yourself something nice” with the money.

“Get yourself something nice,” she insisted, pulling out an additional currency note after peeing with a nurse’s assistance.

“I love you, sonny,” said Burton, reclined in bed while smoothing out yet another Benjamin. “Get yourself something nice,” she added, searching for a pen to write you a check with.

After attempting to show Burton how much money she’d already given you, she expressed hopes that you use the cash to “get yourself something nice.”

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