Student Studying Abroad Relieved To Find America Not Only Country That’s Racist

Khan reportedly felt ‘right at home’ amongst the bigots.

Local student of color Farhana Khan was reportedly comforted by the familiar microaggressions and prejudices of American society during her time on the other side of the world in Sydney, Australia.

“I know I’m a long way from home, and I miss it sometimes, but being called a monkey by a random passerby really made me feel like I was right down the street from my high school back in Connecticut,” said Khan when asked about her experiences abroad. 

According to witnesses, the casual racism exhibited by locals a million miles from home was reminiscent of the kind displayed by many American citizens.

“I can’t help but get warm tingly feelings of nostalgia when parents usher their kids away from me as I walk by,” said Khan, “or when they tell me to go back to my country.”

Khan later added, “It’s also just a lot more familiar and relaxing to do everyday things like running errands when I know at least one of the employees is going to be following me around the store the whole time.”

At press time, Khan was seen smiling wistfully as someone asked her no, where was she really from.

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