Grandma’s Death Used For Instagram Likes

Henderson is already planning a caption for her grandfather’s death.

Following the passing of 83-year-old beloved grandmother Margaret Henderson, grieving granddaughter Rebecca Levin racked up an impressive 347 Instagram likes.

“Words can’t describe how much we’re all going to miss you, Grandma,” stated Levin’s post, which also received a remarkable 64 comments. “I’m so lucky to have had a grandparent who I had such a special relationship with. I can’t believe I’m even typing these words, but I’m comforted to know that you’re up in the bingo room in the sky. Rest easy, Grandma.”

The Instagram post featured multiple images, including three photos of a younger Henderson holding Levin in her infant years. Levin also included a photograph of her now-dead grandmother helping her stir brownie batter, which reportedly sent Instagram engagement with the post through the roof.

The post also contained video of Henderson cutting Levin’s eighth birthday cake, which would bait more comments and maybe even gain her a few new followers during the difficult time.

“She’ll live on in my heart forever,” stated Levin about the woman  she reluctantly visited once a year and whose wake she was now using to increase her follower-following ratio. “I already miss the sound of her voice,” she added, referring to the voice she heard three times in 2018 when her mother guilted her into calling the old crone.

“We’re here for you, Becca. You were so, so lucky to have a relationship like that. We’ll all miss her with you,” stated one of Levin’s acquaintances in the comments, hoping to receive a few likes and profile visits of her own.

“I’ll miss her so much,” replied Levin to one comment with an additional crying-face emoji, hoping to squeeze out another couple of likes before the post became buried in her followers’ Instagram feeds for good.

At press time, Levin was counting down the days until the anniversary of her dog’s death so that she could finally surpass 400 likes on a post.

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