LinkedIn To Add Story Feature

LinkedIn is reportedly in the process of adding a doggy filter option too.

LinkedIn announced on Wednesday that it will be adding a story feature to their interface.

The feature, which is currently in Beta testing with executive directors and leaders, will most likely mirror that of other social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

“We asked 100 CEOs what they thought was missing from the website,” reported LinkedIn CEO Jeff Washington, “and stunningly, this is what they all wanted.”

Similar to Snapchat, the feature will only show stories for 24 hours, giving job interviewers an inside look into the daily office lives of prospective future employees.

“All users have to do is press on or click the profile picture of the page they’re on, and they will gain full access to a mirage of tools they can use to enhance the quality of their picture,” said Washington.

Beta testers claimed that following the new feature, workplace interactions are up 65%, with cubicle-selfies and workplace vlogging the new norm. “We’re currently playing around with unique filters,” stated web developer Dave Rodgers. “One of our filters allows you to simulate different areas at your workplace such as a meeting room, an office, or a break room. Another allows you to place a Bitmoji of yourself dressed up in business casual.”

At press time, Rodgers was seen trying out a new tool that allows users to face-swap with their boss or manager.

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