Report: Girl Talking On Phone Looks Like She’s Gonna Cry

‘It’s fine — it’s nothing,’ said Schaefer when reached for comment.

Witnesses report that University of Michigan junior Ella Schafer, who was talking on the phone on the Diag, looked like she could cry at any moment.

While Schaefer was allegedly speaking to her mother Brenda Schafer, sources are still working to confirm that it was not Ella’s ex-boyfriend Curtis Smith.

“Uh oh, here come the waterworks,” remarked onlooker Terry Houghton as Schafer’s voice broke, accompanied by her face becoming red and blotchy.

“I was bracing myself for when the first tear would drop,” Houghton continued, as Schafer sniffled uncontrollably through watery eyes.
Allegations of watery eyes, however, have recently been dismissed as allergies.

As onlookers made bets about when the girl would burst into tears, Schaefer pretended not to notice the audience she had garnered.

“I felt kinda weird watching, but I just couldn’t look away,” said Ramona Perez, History 244 GSI. “I wanted to help her, but that would’ve been totally weird, so I texted my friend about it instead.”

“I just wanted to make sure she was okay,” said onlooker Sarah Jacobs, moments after taking a Snapchat of the girl on the brink of tears.

Other witnesses were spotted removing one earbud or staring from behind their laptops to get a glimpse of the exact moment when the weeping would begin.

Invoking what officials have called “the oldest trick in the book,” Shafer claimed there was something in her eye.

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